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  • The L.S. Starrett Company

    Like all businesses, however large or complex, this one started with a man and an idea. The man was Laroy S. Starrett; his idea was to "invent something useful that people would want". Countless others have had a similar idea, the difference here was in the quality of the man. L.S. Starrett's outstanding characteristic was confidence in himself; he was a man who in spite of one setback after another refused to admit defeat. He had unusual ability, vision and enterprise, but without his high courage this story of the foundation and growth of The World's Greatest Toolmakers could never have been written.



  • Our Promise

    No manufacturer's precision tools are guaranteed to work for life, regardless of the use or abuse they receive. It is worthy to note, however, that we at The L.S. Starrett Company regularly service and repair our precision measuring tools that have been passed from generation to generation. You can count on Starrett for full value.



    We've been making tools here since the beginning.

    As we continue to manufacture tools in America and abroad, we're showcasing the tools we make right here in the States in our Made in America brochures. Shop locally and support American-made products!


Starrett tools are essential for the many products that are measured, cut, formed or assembled.